Trump Lawyers Lin Wood & Marc Mukasey Had *My Name* in Their Mouths

Marc Mukasey (photo from & Lin Wood (photo from “Stop the Steal” Rally)

Yahoo called Marc Mukasey — who, as far as we know, had nothing to do with the Capitol or Lin Wood’s related musings — the “lawyer at the center of the Trump Universe” over a year ago. Lin Wood told the masses during a “Stop the Steal” rally “Donald Trump loves you.” As it turns out, both Marc Mukasey and Lin Wood have had my name — Don Lewis — in their mouths. Both attorneys were supporting current Kyle Rittenhouse fundraiser John M. Pierce. Both attorneys, perhaps unsurprisingly, appear to have cut ties with Pierce, Mukasey well before the Kenosha shootings.

Pierce and Wood appear in the video below along with Pierce’s ex-client and “close friend” Rudy Giuliani. Wood’s quote about alleged love from Trump is included.

Mukasey is the son of Michael Mukasey who was appointed Attorney General by former United States President Ronald Reagan. He is a long time ally of Rudy Giuliani who was a former client of Pierce’s firm, Pierce Bainbridge. Mukasey also appears to have a relationship with Bernie Kerik, who replaced Pierce on a Board of Directors with Lin Wood.

Photo appeared in NBC News article: “Six degrees of Rudy: Giuliani’s web tangles three Trump controversies.

Mukasey hit the scene for Pierce Bainbridge on June 6, 2019 and announced to the world. . .

“[Pierce Bainbridge is] a first-class law firm made up of terrific lawyers and great people. Don Lewis’ allegations are preposterous, meritless and frivolous. If he’s looking for a fight, he’s got one.” — Marc Mukasey, June 6, 2019

In light of revelations since then, one long-time ex-firm attorney said I was “spot on,” another said I called it “100% correctly.”

Mukasey quit on Pierce Bainbridge less than a year after his statement. He cited among other reasons, ethical concerns. A lawyer who’s been tied to the Trumps quitting for ethics? Interesting.

I imagine Mukasey — who has said his firm Mukasey Frenchmen & Skalaroff LLP is a “trial law firm” and not a “republican law firm” — had more “fight” in him. Perhaps Mukasey had his fill of what I’ve characterized as the Pierce Bainbridge “cesspool of lies and deceit.”

For example, ex-Pierce Bainbridge partners Christopher N. LaVigne (Withers Bergman, Withers Worldwide) and Denver G. Edwards (Bradford Edwards & Varlack) both lied under oath in May 2019. Denver even said that some of my allegations, “if true, would amount to criminal activity.”

Denver G. Edwards (left) and Christopher N. LaVigne (right). A sworn affidavit accused both Pierce Bainbridge partners of lying under oath. Neither submitted a denial affidavit. LaVigne’s photo is from Global Legal Post; Edwards’ photo from Twitter.

A few months after Mukasey bounced, an ex-firm associate submitted a sworn affidavit relied on to accuse firm General Counsel Carolynn K. Beck of suborning perjury and committing a fraud on the court; a motion is pending. Beck is now at Goldstein & McClintock LLLP.

As for Beck, contemporaneous written materials included in public court filings show that John Pierce remarked of Beck: “Her mind moves about as fast as pond water.”

Yet a third former partner, also in publicly filed contemporaneous written commentary, opined that Beck and David L. Hecht, now of Hecht Partners LLP, were “like cult members” to Pierce. Hecht’s ethics and integrity have been raised by several sources. At least two former Pierce Bainbridge partners have referred to Hecht as a “buffoon.”

As for Lin Wood, a video I published about Pierce’s firm made it into Lin Wood’s feed. He addressed it by tweeting:

Lin Wood tweet on September 12, 2020

Wood moved on from Rittenhouse, while Pierce apparently remains close with the family. A Twitter account advertised as “owned and operated by the Rittenhouse Family,” accused Wood of criminal activity.

While circumstances suggest perhaps Pierce himself made the posts, there is nothing conclusive. We did, however, find this tweet of interest.

As for Pierce as an “ABSOLUTE SAVAGE,” let’s take a quick look.

  • Pierce’s ex-wife says he has a “history of abusing alcohol and drugs, including cocaine.”
Sworn declaration of Pierce’s ex-wife dated July 30, 2019. Los Angeles Superior Court, Case BD 639 740.
  • Pierce apparently did not see his children for at least approximately four months “due to his failure to comply with drug and alcohol testing.”
Sworn declaration of Pierce’s ex-wife dated March 4, 2020. Los Angeles Superior Court, Case BD 639 740.
  • While Pierce appears to have had enough cash for drugs and booze, he failed to make timely child support payments. His former spouse even threatened to contact Child Support Services.
E-mail from to Pierce from his ex-wife dated March 3, 2020. Los Angeles Superior Court, Case BD 639 740.
  • Pierce’s also apparently expressed an intense desire to kill the mother of his three children while in a UCLA Psychiatric facility. Pierce denies this, and ex-partner said Pierce “lies like he breathes.”
Sworn declaration of Pierce’s ex-wife dated August 15, 2016. Los Angeles Superior Court, Case BD 639 740.
  • Pierce also has made a perhaps interesting concession about his level of maturity.
Los Angeles Superior Court, Case BD 639 740.

A Daily Mail article covers much of this in greater detail.

Daily Mail by Cheyenne Roundtree

Finally, the guy who (i) Marc Mukasey said was a “great” person who ran a “first class law firm,” (ii) Wood pointed out has represented Rudy Giuliani and Carter Page, (iii) LaVigne and Edwards lied under oath for and (iv) Beck and Hecht perhaps followed “like cult members” — yeah, that guy, here is a two-minute overview: “Who is John Pierce?”

Rick Wilson of the The Lincoln Project said “Everything Trump Touches Dies.” What about John “I just never grew up” Pierce?


Addendum: Additional information and two more “must-see” background video are included at “Calamity Jane Meets the Law: Pierce Bainbridge, Hecht Partners & Virage Capital (Videos and Links)

Whistleblower retaliated against by the Rudy Giuliani hired corrupt Pierce Bainbridge law firm. Harvard Law graduate. Sunlight needed. @DonLew87 on Twitter.

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