Clients of Hecht Partners LLP, A Potential “Affiliated” #Fightback Foundation Firm, Shut Down By The DOJ For Facilitating Scams

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According to United States Department of Justice Press Release: “The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York entered a consent decree imposing a permanent injunction barring two individuals and two companies that transmitted massive volumes of fraudulent robocalls from conveying any telephone calls into the U.S. telephone system.” The couple subject of the ban are represented by Hecht Partners LLP; the law firm is a spin-off of Pierce Bainbridge. John M. Pierce, the Pierce Bainbridge founder, represents Kyle Rittenhouse in connection with double-murder charges and was integrally involved in the formation of the #FightbackFoundation.

The Foundation is being utilized to collect donations for the Rittenhouse double-murder defense and other causes. “Affiliated” law firms are permitted to benefit from the funds. Hecht Partners would presumably meet that threshold:

“Massive Financial Losses to the Elderly”

The DOJ press release contains several disheartening passages, using words such as “fraud,” “reckless indifference,” “imposter,” “scam,” and perhaps most concerning: “These calls led to massive financial losses to elderly and other vulnerable victims throughout the United States.”

According to Law360, “Theodor Bruening of Hecht Partners LLP, counsel for the [barred couple said] on Wednesday that the consent decree included no admission of wrongdoing and said his clients entered the agreement out of ‘practicality and economics.’”

The #Fightback Foundation

John M. Pierce is the former boss of the the individuals who now lead Hecht Partners. Pierce was involved in setting up the #Fightback Foundation and has been involved in soliciting donations.

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Questions are swirling about the #FightbackFoundation, John Pierce himself, and some on social media have suggested there may be shades of a Steve Bannon build the wall scam. Some believe such reservations are driven by politics, others believe differently.

Hecht Partners LLP

David L. Hecht, Max Price and Kathy Lee Boyd founded the new firm earlier this year and are joined by three additional partners: Andrew “Andy” Lorin, Conor McDonough and Janine Cohen; all ex-Pierce Bainbridge. The group appears to have abandoned Pierce Bainbridge in the face of a reported approximate $65 million debt and several lawsuits filed against the firm; a number of which include allegations of failure to pay monies owed.

Questionable Billing & Accusations of Dishonesty

While at Pierce Bainbridge, McDonough’s legal adversaries on a case took issue with his “hundreds of hours of legal services,” notwithstanding “neither a license,” or a “pro hac vice” admission in California. The adversary also remarked that time entries submitted by Pierce Bainbridge showed lawyers billing more than 24 hours in a day.

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Screenshot from the Pierce Bainbridge adversary in the underlying proceeding

In a New York case, David L. Hecht was found by a federal judge to have acted “inconsistent” with the ethical rule on “dishonesty and misrepresentation.”

Hecht shared an interesting public reaction.

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While Hecht’s LinkedIn post suggests a jurisdictional coupe, his client’s case was dismissed months later on jurisdictional grounds.

In a case in Texas, involving Southwest Airlines & Boeing Co., an ex-Pierce Bainbridge associate accused Hecht of lying to a federal court; Hecht has denied this.

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Another issue in that lawsuit is whether or not Hecht actually did any work on the case while at Pierce Bainbridge.

Former Pierce Bainbridge partners at Bathaee Dunne said Hecht “never worked a single hour on this case.” After that statement, Hecht e-mailed his former colleagues and essentially said he forgot to ‘punch the clock.’

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The true nature of Hecht’s involvement, or non-involvement, appears to be an important issue in order to determine what role, if any, Hecht Partners should play in the litigation; a hotly contested issue.


Hecht Partners’ Arizona based clients have apparently reached the end of the robocall line. It would seem the couple has learned that the Department of Justice truly is “committed to protecting vulnerable Americans, particularly America’s seniors, from those who seek to steal their hard-earned savings.”

Questions are swirling about the #FightbackFoundation, John Pierce himself, as well as potential “affiliated” firms, particularly given the massive reported Pierce Bainbridge debt, and dramatic splintering of the law firm.

The shades of Steve Bannon rumblings will presumably continue, but whatever the case may be, one would hope any such individuals are wrong; and that anyone, from the young to the elderly, who donates to #Fightback, does not end up regretting their decision.

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Whistleblower retaliated against by the Rudy Giuliani hired corrupt Pierce Bainbridge law firm. Harvard Law graduate. Sunlight needed. @DonLew87 on Twitter.

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