*New Capitol Attack Video.* Are there snakes under every rock around Attorney John Pierce?

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Kyle Rittenhouse and John Pierce at the Kenosha shooter’s extradition hearing. Pierce spewed lots of noise in advance of the hearing, and proceeded to embarrass himself and fail his client.

The inflammatory rhetoric of Rudy Giuliani’s former lawyer, and current fundraiser for Kyle Rittenhouse, John Pierce was covered yesterday in the Hill Reporter. A related *must-see* brand new 90-second video covering events surrounding the January 6, 2021 attack on our Capitol is below. In addition, recent court filings unearth certain new issues about the finances of Pierce’s firm Pierce Bainbridge, snakes now out from under rocks so to speak; they are addressed after the video.

Without further ado, here is the video. “Trial by Combat?” “Grifters Gonna Grift?” Sound up.

The video, an earlier Medium, and the Hill Reporter perhaps paint of picture of Pierce as an individual with violent tendencies, one of the snakes that has already surfaced. Let’s take a look.

Violence. Pierce lost his job at the K&L Gates law firm for physically assaulting a co-worker.

Pierce reportedly threatened to kill the mother of his three children.

Two days after Pierce’s firm filed a lawsuit for Tulsi Gabbard, he invoked Tulsi’s name in threating his ex-wife. (This is one example of an “Unusual Pierce Bainbridge and Hecht Partners Attorney Client Relationship.”)

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Finances. Pierce basically absconded with $2.5 million from a pay day lender in February 2020. He apparently secured the cash and had no intention of living up to the executed agreement.

Pierce pledged the same collateral at least 5 times it appears in exchange for millions in cash, much of which remains unpaid.

Pierce’s firm received a $21 million loan commitment from Virage Capital Management on November 14, 2019. Only *four days* later, Pierce took out a several hundred thousand dollar cash advance behind the same collateral. A quick short timeline is interesting.

Pierce raided firm bank accounts to the tune of hundreds of thousands in mere months, while the firm was struggling to make payroll and Pierce himself placed a moratorium on paying creditors.

Virage Capital confirmed last week that Pierce Bainbridge owes the funder “no less than $59 million.”

The known firm financial activity in February 2020 is highly unusual.

Pierce ran a litigation fund Talon LF LLC. Related investor solicitation materials appear to include misrepresentations about the Pierce Bainbridge litigation track record.

Mental Stability. Pierce spent time in a UCLA psychiatric facility in 2016. He was referred to two ex-partners as (i)“pu**y and a fu*king lunatic” and (ii) “narcissistic sociopath at the helm.”

Ex-Pierce Bainbridge partner Christopher N. LaVigne made the first statement while questioning Pierce’s leadership. LaVigne opined more than once that Pierce behaved like a “little boy.” Pierce himself stated in August 2016: “I never grew up.

Honesty. Pierce’s long-time 24/7 assistant Lauren “Mamma Bear” Schaefer Green said “all John does is lie to me.” LaVigne said Pierce “talks out of every side of his mouth” and “loses track of his lies.” Another attorney said Pierce “lies like he breathes.”

Attorneys Who’ve Been In John Pierce’s World

Given Pierce’s severe issues, let’s take a quick look at just a few of the attorneys who’ve been in his world. Each of these individuals are ex-Pierce Bainbridge partners who quit prior to Rittenhouse hiring Pierce.

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Denver G. Edwards (left) and Christopher N. LaVigne (right). A sworn affidavit accused both Pierce Bainbridge partners of lying under oath. Neither submitted a denial affidavit. LaVigne’s photo is from Global Legal Post; Edwards’ photo from Twitter.
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Ex-Pierce Bainbridge name-partners Carolynn K. Beck and David L. Hecht. Beck was the General Counsel, Hecht the New York Office Managing Partner. Both are accused of dishonesty to courts based on filings of two separate ex-Pierce Bainbridge associates. The photo is from an interview with Proactive Investors.

There is more, but what’s been covered, as well as the embedded links, tells quite a story.

Whether John Mark Pierce is down for Trial by Combat, a Grifter Who’s Gonna Grift, a combination of the two, or neither, we leave it to you to decide. Fair warning, as you explore, be mindful of the gaggle of snakes which perhaps may be nestled under the rocks you may turn over.

Whistleblower retaliated against by the Rudy Giuliani hired corrupt Pierce Bainbridge law firm. Harvard Law graduate. Sunlight needed. @DonLew87 on Twitter.

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