Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney John Pierce’s Law Firm is Really Good at Losing Defamation Lawsuits.

The attorney’s law firm’s track record in defamation lawsuits appears to align with that of the election fraud lawsuits of Pierce’s ex-client and “close friend” Rudy Giuliani.

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Pierce Bainbridge attorney John M. Pierce with images of his ex-client Rudy Giuliani.

The financial mess of attorney John Pierce has resulted in international embarrassment for the Pierce Bainbridge founder, as reflected in reports in the Daily Beast, USA Today, Fox News, Inside Edition, ABC News, Newsweek, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Daily Mail and more. The exposure of his dodgy finances has been followed by Pierce stepping down from the board of a foundation — #FightBack — raising legal defense funds for Kyle Rittenhouse, and then from the Rittenhouse criminal defense altogether. The Harvard Law School graduate has shifted to threatening defamation lawsuits, while purporting to fundraise solely for defense costs, a defense in which Pierce is no longer involved. The one thing, however, you will not hear from the bombastic attorney, is that his law firm is really good at losing defamation lawsuits.

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Fox News Headline

With Pierce off criminal defense, and high-profile Atlanta attorney Lin Wood apparently having excised Pierce from the #FightBack Foundation, Pierce set up a new Rittenhouse fundraising site. Oddly, while the pay pal portion of this new appeal originally invited donations to the “Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund;” the same page now lists “Pierce Bainbridge P.C.” instead. Given Pierce’s severe financial issues, this raises red flags.

The pay pal portion of the website with a screenshot from today on the bottom.

As for Pierce’s defamation rhetoric, while there are several infirmities, there is one very simple point:

John Pierce’s law firm is perhaps “The Greatest Law Firm in the History of the World at Losing Defamation Lawsuits.”

This last clause is a play on words derived from silliness spewed by Pierce and his former long-time co-named partner David L. Hecht. Whereas Pierce referred to the now imploded Pierce Bainbridge as “The Fastest Growing Law Firm in the History of the World;” Hecht subsequently publicly shared, “The Greatest Law Firm Testimonial in the History of the World.” A video is included at the link, we highly recommend a viewing.

(Prior to Rittenhouse hiring Pierce, Hecht formed spin-off firm Hecht Partners LLP, and the former Pierce acolyte has been beset by accusations of unethical conduct, including his own ex-clients testifying that the Hecht Partners boss deceived them. This is one of several instances of dubious behavior tied to Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht alum, which has led us to inquire: Gangland Tactics or Aggressive Lawyering?)

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David L. Hecht, Rudy Giuliani & John M. Pierce. Giuliani was a client while Hecht and Pierce were named-partners at Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP. Hecht was the New York Office Managing Partner.

Aligning with the ridiculous nature of the Hecht’s video, was a Pierce quote to the American Lawyer after six of his partners quit in 2019.

“Not everyone is cut out for SEAL training or Ranger School. The reality is this is not an easy firm to work at. . . Our people must have not only thick skin but skin made of kevlar combined with titanium at times. The only lawyers who should join our firm are the ones . . . who can swallow some risk.” — John M. Pierce.

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The American Lawyer: “Amid Partner Losses, Pierce Says ‘Not Everyone’ Can Be a SEAL.”

While we do not believe it was due to Pierce’s “kevlar skin” marketing pitch, his firm subsequently tanked in a matter of months from around 65 attorneys to now just 2, according to Pierce.

Similar negativity surrounds defamation lawsuits filed by Pierce’s law firm.


Tulsi Gabbard -v- Google. A so-called “$50 Million” defamation lawsuit. A day after the complaint was filed, Mike Masnick of reported: “This case is going to get laughed out of court.” The suit was tossed months later. $0.00 were recovered.

Tulsi Gabbard -v- Hillary Clinton. Another so-called “50 Million” defamation lawsuit. Just days after the filing, Masnick called it again, saying the complaint was “laughable” and that the Pierce Bainbridge lawyers involved should be “embarrassed.” Gabbard disposed of the lawsuit months later. $0.00 were recovered.

Russian Oligarch -v- Former Spouse’s Business Partner. According to court filings, this is also a “$50 Million” defamation lawsuit. The case was dismissed, it has been appealed.

Carter Page -v- Democratic National Committee. This defamation lawsuit was brought with much fanfare. It was also thrown out several months later. Politico reported: “Judge tosses another Carter Page suit against DNC over dossier.”

Lenny Dykstra -v- Ron Darling. In this defamation lawsuit — involving two former New York Mets baseball stars — Pierce Bainbridge stepped in as counsel to oppose efforts by the Darling side to throw the case out. Once again, Pierce Bainbridge was unsuccessful, the case was tossed. $0.00 were recovered.


Zero. Zip. Nilch. Nada.


John Pierce said “clients pick PB because our DNA is precisely the same.” Pierce’s ex-client, Rudy Giuliani, has been involved with a deluge of loser “election fraud” challenges. Perhaps part of the DNA synergy, is an uncanny ability for losing lawsuits. Be that as it may, Pierce forges ahead with unfettered bombast about potential defamation actions.

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John Pierce and his firm Pierce Bainbridge have abused cash advance lenders, legal service vendors, litigation funders, and Pierce has had issues with child support and “substance abuse”, which his Harvard Law School educated ex-wife has identified as including “cocaine.” While Pierce claims to have cleaned himself up in rehab this year, we are reminded of a colorful Robin Williams line: “Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you are making too much money.”

Be that as it may, at bottom, Pierce’s law firm is a serial defamation lawsuit loser; indeed, three high-profile Pierce Bainbridge complaints claimed a total of $150 million in damages and resulted in a grand total of zero dollars awarded.

We see John Pierce bloviating about mega lawsuits, we are mindful of Pierce’s financial shambles, we see donations now earmarked for “Pierce Bainbridge P.C.,” and we are reminded of the timeless idiom:

“A fool and his money are soon parted.”

Addendum: Links to the Wisconsin and New York oppositions to John Pierce’s applications to practice law out of his home state of California. In both instances, Pierce withdrew his application in face of the challenge.)

Written by

Whistleblower retaliated against by the Rudy Giuliani hired corrupt Pierce Bainbridge law firm. Harvard Law graduate. Sunlight needed. @DonLew87 on Twitter.

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