Is Justice Colorblind?

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“In the eye of the law, there is in this country no superior, dominant, ruling class of citizens. There is no caste here. Our constitution is colorblind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.” ~ Dissenting opinion of United States Supreme Court Justice Marshal Harlan in Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896.


The events surrounding January 6th, and the subsequent impeachment “trial,” are a stark reminder that racial double standards persist in our country. Politics aside, intellectual honesty dictates that if a black President, and a black mob of his followers, engaged in such conduct, consequences would have been vastly different commencing the day of the attack on the Capitol. A similar potential dichotomy is worth exploring with respect to the behavior of an attorney recently fired by Kyle Rittenhouse, John M. Pierce.

Pierce’s litany of transgressions is astounding. Indeed, several of his former colleagues have expressed surprise that the attorney continues to avoid severe consequences for his actions; and, in late 2018, a seasoned New York City attorney warned Pierce about potentially “ending up in jail” like disgraced former attorney Marc Dreier.

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Pierce Bainbridge founder John M. Pierce. (New York Law Journal, Fox News, Michelle Malkin’s Twitter)

The Enablers?

The University of Notre Dame and Harvard Law School graduate perhaps has had enablers. The group includes, among others, Pierce’s former partners at Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP, David L. Hecht (Hecht Partners), Carolynn K. Beck (Goldstein and McClintock), Denver G. Edwards (Bradford Edwards & Varlack) and Christopher N. LaVigne (Withers Bergman, Withers Worldwide). Each has engaged in unethical conduct in support of Pierce.

The group is part of Pierce’s longest tenured pre-Rittenhouse partners, who stood by him far longer than the six months it took for the 18-year-old Kenosha shooter to reportedly personally terminate Pierce. For his part, Pierce recently blamed his firm’s massive debt on “carrying incredibly unproductive lawyers for years.”

TOPJohn M. Pierce, Carolynn K. Beck (Goldstein & McClintock), Douglas S. Curran (BraunHagey & Borden), David L. Hecht (Hecht Partners), Craig Bolton (Goldstein & McClintock), Christopher N. LaVigne (Withers Bergman); MIDDLEMike Pomerantz (Levi & Korsinsky), Amman Khan (Withers Bergman), James D. Bainbridge (Bainbridge Law APC), Denver G. Edwards (Bradford Edwards & Varlack), Maxim Price (Hecht Partners), Andy Lorin (Hecht Partners); BOTTOMCaroline Polisi (Armstrong Teasedale), Connor McDonough (Hecht Partners), Jonathan A. Sorkowitz (The Law Offices of Johnathan A. Sorkowitz), Patrick Bradford (Bradford Edwards & Varlack)

Above the Law?

Does Pierce believe he exists in an entitled reality in which he is beyond reproach?

In just the last few months, the former attorney for Rudy Giuliani has called out the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States Attorneys’ Office (USAO) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Pierce similarly remarked in late 2018: “It’s so great since I’ve never been arrested or sanctioned or sued for anything. I know exactly where the line is and just get off on tipping my toe over sometimes. It’s so fun.”

The Transgressions

A list of the attorney’s transgressions is alarming, it omits certain yet to be disclosed issues, which paint an even uglier picture.

  • Pierce lied in a sworn affidavit submitted in Wisconsin, according to Kenosha Police. (Kenosha Police Statement)
  • Pierce, who resides in California, basically pilfered $2.5 million from a payday lender in Queens, New York. (Karish Kapital Agreement, New York Law Journal)
  • Pierce’s firm was subject of a $9.1 million default declared by lender Pravati Capital LLC. (UCC regulatory filings; additional filings exist for over ten former Pierce Bainbridge partners.)
  • Pierce’s firm is subject of a $4 million money judgment. (Karish Kapital Judgment)
  • Pierce’s firm is subject of a $3.5 million arbitration award. (Katz, Kane & Co. and International Assets Advisory Arbitration Award.)
  • Pierce’s firm has been sued by several cash advance lenders, after securing millions of dollars by repeatedly repledging alleged future firm receivables. (Karish Kapital, West Coast Business, Slate Advance, Creative Capital Funding.)
  • Pierce’s firm has been sued by several vendors, including for alleged unpaid invoices which pre-date the infusion of tens of millions of capital into Pierce Bainbridge. (Transperfect Solutions, First Legal Network, AAA Attorney Service, Neoscape, Pivot Legal Services)
  • Pierce’s firm owes Virage Capital Management “not less than $59 million.” (Virage Capital Filing)
  • Pierce put a client up in a $1.3 million home for 2 years, while racking up tens of millions in debt. The ex-client is now facing eviction and fired Pierce in the latter part of last year. Carolynn K. Beck and David L. Hecht appeared in the ex-client’s case. (Law360, Case Docket)
  • Pierce and/or his firm have been the subject of several default judgment requests.
  • Pierce and his firm were intricately tied to a litigation fund Talon LF LLC, which apparently disseminated investor solicitation materials, which contain misleading statements. (Pierce’s ex-partners Douglas S. Curran and Tom Warren are listed on the materials as working for Talon; David L. Hecht was involved in related trademark work.)
  • Pierce lost his job at K&L Gates LLP for physically assaulting a co-worker. (Former spouse’s sworn declaration.)
  • Pierce reportedly threatened to kill his ex-wife. (Former spouse’s sworn declaration.)
  • Pierce breached child support obligations and his former spouse threatened to report him to child services. (Email in former spouse’s court filing.)
  • Pierce is reportedly the subject of a complaint to the California State Bar for alleged witness intimidation related to the Rittenhouse case. (Mother Jones.)

John M. Pierce apparently (i) ignores vendor debts, (ii) ignores debts to cash advance lenders, (iii) ignores legal actions against his firm, (iv) deploys violent threats, (v) engages in physical violence in the work environment, (vi) calls out federal authorities, (vii) denigrates the ethical rules applied to lawyers, (xiii) fails to comply with alcohol and drug testing which has prevented him from seeing his children, (ix) breaches child support obligations while racking up tens of millions in debt, (x) secures $2.5 million with no intention of paying it back as agreed upon, (xi) repeatedly pledges the same purported future firm receivables to secure millions, (xii) threatens to kill the mother of this three children, (xiii) does not bother to attend an arbitration hearing where a $3.5 million award was entered against his firm, (xiv) led a failed Rittenhouse extradition fight which included reported expenditures “well over $350,000” in approximately two months and (xv) was lead attorney in a case where attorney time entries included more than 24 hours billed in single days.

Pierce has also been accused of dishonesty by several sources, similar to his ex-co named-partner David L. Hecht; a lack of candor for Pierce perhaps illustrated by his self-appointed status as an “elite” attorney, and recent claim of “ferocious loyalty.” A 75-second video provides illuminating context.

Video created by Jennifer Sulkess

Bad things happened in Washington D.C.; bad things have happened with John Pierce.

Ultimately, we leave it to the reader to decide.

Is Justice Colorblind?


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Whistleblower retaliated against by the Rudy Giuliani hired corrupt Pierce Bainbridge law firm. Harvard Law graduate. Sunlight needed. @DonLew87 on Twitter.

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