Guns, Lin Wood, John Pierce & The Carter Page Lawsuits

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“In mid-December, the Judge in Delaware said he wanted to hear from Wood by January 6 as to why he should be allowed to practice in Delaware given the election fraud shenanigans. Pierce has recently withdrawn two applications to practice law out of state, shortly after oppositions were filed.”


Attorneys Lin Wood and John Pierce were on a Board of Directors together soliciting donations for Kyle Rittenhouse, and are co-counsel for Carter Page in his lawsuit against Oath Inc, involving “Yahoo!” and “Huffpost” articles. The duo had each other’s backs; while Pierce called the Atlanta attorney “The Great Lin Wood”, Wood took up for Pierce and said accusations against him were “out of context.” At the time, Pierce had already been called a “narcissistic sociopath” and “fu*king lunatic” by two of his ex-partners, but Wood’s mental health was not yet part of the national discourse. It was also yet to be revealed publicly that Pierce spent time in a UCLA Psychiatric Facility a few years back. In additions to questions having been raised about their stability, the attorneys share an admiration for guns.

Not only has John “#Don’tTreadOnMe” Pierce championed the Kyle Rittenhouse killings, Pierce has engaged in violent behavior himself. The truth is stranger than fiction behavior of Pierce is captured in this colorfully titled article: “Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer ‘threatened to kill his ex-wife’ and is in massive personal and professional debt, yet manages to cling onto Kenosha shooter’s case and is entrusted with teen’s fundraising.”

We’ve previously asked if Pierce’s temperament tainted operations at his pre-Rittenhouse law firm Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht. It is an interesting view into a remarkably troubled, and it appears essentially defunct law firm. Around 60 attorneys quit on Pierce in the months after Rudy Giuliani hired the firm, leaving him with almost none.

The Notorious Lin Wood’s social media mega-fame was ignited by a series of tweets over the weekend.

We learned that Wood believes Jeffrey Epstein is still alive; which led us to imagine: A Party at Lin Wood’s Place.

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According to Reporter Sid Fictitious: “Tupac Shakur refused to be photographed with the ‘still alive’ Jeffrey Epstein. As Mr. Wood became progressively belligerent insisting on such a photo, sources say Mr. Shakur was overheard saying: ”This Muthafucka.” The other guy? Reports say he was suspicious and chillin’.”

In any event, Wood also tweeted about potential death by firing squad for Vice President Mike Pence and had some choice words for the Chief Justice of the United Supreme Court. The Twitter Gods came down on the Atlanta attorney who allegedly has referred to himself as “God Almighty,” and, wait for it, took away his blue-check mark.

Neither the removal of his check mark, not the Georgia Trump Tapes slowed Luican “Lin” Wood down. The attorney took his hottest heat over to Parler, and upped the ante with references to “putting on the blindfold” and “standing in line,” as captured in his featured tweet.

Here’s a neat wrinkle. Wood and Pierce represent Carter Page in a lawsuit against Oath in Delaware. In a separate Page lawsuit, against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) in the District of Columbia, Piece has applied to practice law from out of state as Wood did in Delaware.

In mid-December, the Delaware Judge ordered Lin Wood to advise the court by January 6 as to why he should be allowed to practice in Delaware given the election fraud shenanigans. Pierce has yet to face any such challenge in the related to Page litigation, however, he recently withdrew applications to practice out of state shortly after oppositions were filed in New York, and another in Wisconsin.

In the interim, Wood has done what Wood has done on social media. We can’t imagine this will help his cause.

Like Wood, Pierce’s out of court conduct, fundraising off of death, presumably would be frowned upon as well.

Ultimately, from where we sit, any suggested violence is in poor taste, particularly violence that deals with guns, and particularly from individuals whose rantings have caused concerns about their general well being.

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