Compilation of 411: Pierce Bainbridge LLP, Hecht Partners LLP & Virage Capital Management with Videos

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Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP was hired by Rudy Giuliani, Tulsi Gabbard, Carter Page, Michael Avenatti, Russian Oligarch Sergey Grishin, Lenny Dykstra and Rodney Dangerfield’s wife, received tens of millions in dollars in financial backing, yet was a colossal failure; accusations of corruption, lack of ethics, dishonesty, and financial malfeasance abound. Litigation funder Virage Capital Management and spin-off law firm Hecht Partners LLP are part of the Pierce Bainbridge picture. Pierce’s solo representation of Kyle Rittenhouse, as well as his aberrant behavior, are also noteworthy.

A one-page “financial dossier,” as well as a detailed look at known financial activity for Pierce Bainbridge in February 2020, provide useful background.

Ex-Pierce Bainbridge partner Denver G. Edwards said allegations against the firm in mid-2019, “if true, would amount to criminal activity.” Edwards, who is now a partner at Bradford Edwards & Varlack, lied under oath about the same allegations.

A bunch of information is compiled below with four “Video Interludes” that you *absolutely* should check out.

Hecht Partners & Pierce Bainbridge

The founder of Hecht Partners, who was a name-on-the-door partner at Pierce Bainbridge, says the spin-off firm is not a version of Pierce Bainbridge 2.0.

A few notable issues:

  • All of the partners at Hecht Partners were partners at Pierce Bainbridge.
  • Hecht Partners has replaced Pierce Bainbridge in several cases.
  • Virage Capital funded Hecht Partners after falling reportedly $65 million in the hole to Pierce Bainbridge.
  • Hecht Partners founder David L. Hecht is on work-related emails with Pierce Bainbridge founder John Pierce at least eight months after Hecht claimed to resign from the Pierce founded firm.

Let’s take a look at more.

Hecht Partners & Pierce Bainbridge — Entirely Separate Law Firms?” Hecht Partners said in May that the law firms are entirely separate. A closer look is illuminating.

Breaking up is hard to do. David Hecht of Hecht Partners and John Pierce of Pierce Bainbridge.” Hecht claimed he resigned the beleaguered Pierce Bainbridge in March 2020; subsequent events suggest it was not a clean break.

A Rotating Fleet of Law Firms.” A chronicle of the odd activity of Pierce Bainbridge and Hecht Partners in the Boeing 737 Max litigation.


What’s Going on Here? (A 90-second review of the financial mess at Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP. This was created several months ago and there has been additional bad news since.)

Virage Capital Management

The litigation funder poured tens of millions of capital into Pierce Bainbridge despite numerous red flags. Virage then funded spin-off Hecht Partners. Let’s take a closer look.

Virage Capital infused tens of millions into lawyers who have needed to hire lawyers of their own.” Virage funded the troubled John Pierce, as well as a lawyer reportedly in the crosshairs of the SEC and FBI, and another in the sites of the United States Attorneys’ Office.

Virage Capital Money Mystery featuring Hecht Partners & Pierce Bainbridge.” A detailed look at Virage Capital and the funder’s dealings with Pierce Bainbridge and Hecht Partners.

New Virage Capital Filing Says Pierce Bainbridge Owes $59,000,000” Virage says Pierce Bainbridge owes “no less than $59 million” and says it must be repaid before loan brokers who helped Pierce Bainbridge secure tens of millions in capital from Virage.


Who is John Pierce? (A 2-minute video is particularly interesting given Virage Capital’s decision to sink tens of millions into Pierce’s firm.)

Kyle Rittenhouse Debacle

The Kenosha shooter hired John Pierce after the rest of Pierce’s partners had quit. This representation recently ended with the 18-year-old Kenosha shooter reportedly personally firing John Pierce.

BREAKING: You’re Fired! Kyle Rittenhouse Terminates John Pierce.” Pierce was reportedly fired on Monday, February 2. A few days later, the Kenosha Police said Pierce was untruthful in a sworn affidavit about the Rittenhouse bond.

BILLS! BILLS! BILLS! It is still unclear why John Pierce was fired, but Rittenhouse billing information has surfaced.” John Pierce apparently led a team that billed “well over $350,000” to unsuccessfully fight the Rittenhouse extradition.

Attorney John Pierce Responds to being Fired by Kyle Rittenhouse.” “John Pierce” referred to “John Pierce” in the third-person while responding to “John Pierce” being fired by any 18-year-old who killed two people.


John Piece: A Loss Leader. (A 75-second video perhaps stands in contrast to Pierce’s self-appointed status as an “elite” lawyer who is “ferociously loyal.”)

Additional Nuggets

Violence, Substance Abuse, Aberrant Behavior

Pierce’s issues are captured in a detailed Daily Mail article, and also in this short article asking if Pierce was perhaps a bad influence on Kyle Rittenhouse.

Lies under Oath

Bradford Edwards & Varlack partner Denver G. Edwards lied under oath while at Pierce Bainbridge. Edwards lied about allegations he said “if true, would amount to criminal activity.” In the run up to the New York State Attorney General election, Edwards also said publicly that current NYS AG Letitia James “lies in her cases.

Violent Rhetoric

Pierce has engaged in inflammatory rhetoric around the attack on the nation’s Capitol. Alarming tweets from the attorney are captured here and here.


Trial by Combat? Grifters Gonna Grift? (A 90-second video of Pierce engaging in inflammatory rhetoric around the Capitol attacked which also features lawyers he has been close to Rudy Giuliani and Lin Wood.)

There is more, but we will end here.

The tale of these law firms and this funder is perhaps of the truth is stranger than fiction variety.


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Whistleblower retaliated against by the Rudy Giuliani hired corrupt Pierce Bainbridge law firm. Harvard Law graduate. Sunlight needed. @DonLew87 on Twitter.

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