Can Hecht Partners LLP Founder David L. Hecht Handle the Truth?

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David L. Hecht and Rudy Giuliani. Hecht was a named-partner at Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht when Giuliani was a client. Hecht is now the boss of Pierce Bainbridge spin-off Hecht Partners. All of the partners at Hecht Partners were partners at Pierce Bainbridge. (Hecht photo from Fordham Law News.)

The conduct, ethics and honesty of David L. Hecht, former Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht named-partner, and current boss of Hecht Partners, has been covered by a variety of sources.

  • A federal judge found Hecht ran afoul of the ethical rules for lawyers on dishonesty.
  • An ex-PB associate accused Hecht of lying to a federal court.
  • Three ex-clients in the Boeing 737 Max case testified under oath that Hecht deceived them into signing up with his firm Hecht Partners.
  • An ex-PB partner accused Hecht of “deceptively splicing” messages to fit a “false narrative.”


Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & appears to have been a corrupt law firm. Perhaps fittingly, Rudy Giuliani became a client in November 2019. Neither the former New York City Mayor, nor Pierce Bainbridge New York Office Managing Partner, David L. Hecht could stop the firm from “dramatically disintegrating.” Hecht started Hecht Partners LLP in March 2020. Speculation has ensued as to whether perhaps a shell game was afoot buoyed by (i) a reported $70 million Pierce Bainbridge debt to lenders, (ii) around 10 lawsuits now facing the firm and (iii) the fact that all of the partners at Hecht Partners were partners at Pierce Bainbridge.

Hecht’s own shifting representations about Pierce Bainbridge on his LinkedIn page, Hecht’s own representations to tribunals, Hecht’s own signatures on court flings, among other items, have fueled such speculation. (Examples of Hecht’s flip-flopping are here.)

Another interesting factor is the close relationship that Hecht maintained a with John M. Pierce, the Pierce Bainbridge founder. While at Pierce Bainbridge, Hecht spoke glowingly of Pierce an touted Pierce’s “Ten Commandments” for the firm.

At least three ex-Pierce Bainbridge partners, as set forth in public court filings, have opined on what they perceived to be Hecht’s blind loyalty to Pierce.

Pierce now represents Kyle Rittenhouse, under “Pierce Bainbridge P.C.” The Kenosha shooter hired Pierce after Hecht had left to form Hecht Partners.

David Hecht’s ex-co-named partner John M. Pierce with Kyle Rittenhouse and Ricky Schroeder. The photo was taken after the Kenosha shooter was released on $2 million bail. Rittenhouse hired Pierce after Hecht formed Hecht Partners.

Certain of David Hecht’s behavior suggests that perhaps he subscribes to ex-Pierce Bainbridge client Rudy Giuliani’s philosophy that “Truth Isn’t Truth.” The Hecht Partners boss who has referred to himself as a “Gladiator in a Suit” has received negative reviews from a wide variety of sources.

  1. Federal judge wrote an opinion that David Hecht ran afoul of the ethical rule for lawyers on dishonesty and misrepresentation.
  2. Ex-PB associate accused Hecht of lying to a federal court.
  3. Ex-client #1 agreed Hecht was “deceitful” in inducing client to sign with his firm.
  4. Ex-client#2 said under oath that Hecht was “untruthful” in inducing client to sign with Hecht’s firm.
  5. Ex-client#3 accused Hecht of deceitfully pretending to be a partner at another law firm.
  6. Ex-PB Partner accused Hecht “deceptively splicing” messages to fit “in service of Mr. Hecht’s false narrative.”

Representatives for David Hecht have oddly suggested that simple facts related to Hecht are not true. For example, the “Gladiator’s” team have taken issue with the statement that Pierce Bainbridge had three convicted felons as clients.

The felons were Michael Avenatti, George Papadopoulos and Lenny Dykstra.

David L. Hecht himself even signed court papers on behalf of one of the felons. In February 2020, Hecht tried to keep a Dykstra lawsuit from getting thrown out. Hecht failed, the lawsuit was tossed, the Court basically said Hecht’s client was legally impossible to defame. An excerpt from the judge’s opinion rejecting Hecht’s argument is enlightening.

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The excerpt is captured in this NBC article

Poor litigation results such as this, played a role in Pierce Bainbridge racking up a reported $65 million debt to litigation funder Virage Capital Management in around one-year.

One wonders if any ex-Pierce Bainbridge partners may be on the the hook for some or all of the $65 million.

Notably, the firm’s former Special Counsel, Camille Varlack, was in contact with Pierce Bainbridge attorneys about potential personal guarantees related to the multi-million capital infusion.

Did David L. Hecht sign a personal guarantee?

If so, for how much?

Would this have any bearing on Virage’s decision to fund Hecht Partners after the funders $65 million debacle and the financial mess at Pierce Bainbridge?

Perhaps in some folks’ world, “Truth isn’t Truth,” but in the world that we live in, truth is a simple concept, truth can’t be kept out forever, truth matters and, finally:

What’s Done In Darkness Always Comes to Light.

Written by

Whistleblower retaliated against by the Rudy Giuliani hired corrupt Pierce Bainbridge law firm. Harvard Law graduate. Sunlight needed. @DonLew87 on Twitter.

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