Attorney John Pierce Responds to being Fired by Kyle Rittenhouse

The Kenosha News has published a fascinating investigatory piece about the $2 million Rittenhouse bond.

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Pierce Bainbridge founder John M. Pierce was reportedly fired by Kyle Rittenhouse on Monday. The news hit on Thursday, February 4, 2020, and the Harvard Law School graduate responded with the pictured tweet.

Pierce Bainbridge founder John Pierce published the pictured tweet, referring to himself in the third person, in response to his . Pierce’s claim of “ferocious loyalty” piqued our interest. We have taken a closer look and are reminded of a scene from The Wire on HBO.

Before deeper analysis of Pierce’s “loyalty” claim, it’s worth highlighting an recently published by in the . According to Smith, the $2 million Rittenhouse bond was posted “using a cashier’s check from Pierce Bainbridge, Pierce’s law firm.” Smith also reports that “Pierce used an address that, according to court records, is his home address in California” in filling out the bond paperwork.

It is interesting that funds presumably earmarked for Rittenhouse’s bail, and donated to #FightBack Foundation (a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit), wound up with Pierce’s firm. Adding to the intrigue, Pierce has personal and professional debts , issues with , and his ex-wife threatened to less than a year ago. A one-page “” for Pierce and his law firms is astounding.

We imagine relevant experts would find the $2 million bond issue of interest; earlier #FightBack Foundation provides useful background.

As for John Pierce’s statement that “John Pierce is ferociously loyal,” we are reminded of a scene from the Princess Bride.

The University of Notre Dame graduate has played the “loyalty” card before — The Wire and Princess Bridge clips capture our immediate thoughts. Additional detail is provided in an illuminating 75-second video, which involves failed lawsuits, fractured client relationships, and mass abandonment of Pierce by his former Pierce Bainbridge partners.

(Video created by Jennifer Sulkess)

“John Pierce” has been fired. “John Pierce” has been mired in loss. “John Pierce” has been mired in failure. “John Pierce” has been mired in abandonment.

“John Pierce” is who we said “John Pierce” was . . .

“The opening of the PB’s books, would very likely reveal that Pierce is a fraud and a con man, lying to his partners, lying to the press, lying to his clients and lying to investors; it would also very likely crater a firm built on smoke and mirrors and leave Pierce unable to support his self-destructive habits, as well as unable to pay his substantial tax and alimony bills.”

A bond hearing is scheduled for the Rittenhouse case on Thursday. John Pierce will not be present, unless perhaps John Pierce is asked about the essentially .


Addendum: Additional details on Pierce, his severe financial issues, lawyers who’ve worked with him, and the “” his law firm owes Virage Capital Management, are included in “

Whistleblower retaliated against by the Rudy Giuliani hired corrupt Pierce Bainbridge law firm. Harvard Law graduate. Sunlight needed. @DonLew87 on Twitter.

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